All racers are asked to register by Friday, August 17, 2007.
Grand Prix Office:  (309) 292-8133
Web Site:
Race Racing Class Wt# Laps Entry
1. King of the Streets (SKUSA moto/ICC) 375 30
2. 4-cycle Heavy (Raptor) 375 12
3. TAG Senior 360/390 20
4. 125cc Masters 395/405 20
5. 2-cycle Super Sportsman Heavy 365 12
6. ICC N. American Street Champ. 375 20
7. Yamaha Heavy 360 12
8. 4-cycle Sr. Animal Heavy 375 12
9. TAG Masters 390-420 20
10. ICA N. American Street Champ. 330 20
11. Tom Argy Jr. Sportsman (3 hole) 315 10
12. 2-cycle Super Sportsman Med. 340 12
13. 125cc Moto (S1, not stock) 385 20
14. Rumble at The Rock (Sr. Animal Med.) 350 12
15. Yamaha Medium 335 12
Race Classes and order subject to change
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Race insurance is supplemental.
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All Classes
Pre-Entries: x $75 ea.= $
King, ICC & ICA Entries: x $135 ea.= $
Pit Pass not included with Entry Fee  
Reserved Pits 
Available in Advance only
20x20 Pits: x $50.00 ea.= $

Trailer/Canopy size:
Transponder Bracket
$7.00 each x = $
Pit Passes
at $10/Day x = $
or $20/Weekend x = $
Practice Session  $25.00

Please mail the Dispatch/Argus      $
Grand Prix Results Issue for $2.00    

Total Amount Due:  $
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Credit Cards will be processed by
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IMPORTANT, READ CAREFULLY:  All racers are asked to register by Friday, August 17, 2007. There will be a $25 per entry penalty ($100 instead of $75) for registrations postmarked after August 19.

Entries received after 5 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 30, will be assessed a $100 late fee ($175 instead of $75)

CAP ON CLASSES. ENTER EARLY; Due to the growth in popularity of the event, a cap has been placed on classes. The first four classes to have more than 30 entries will be capped at 55 entries and have a last-chance qualifier. All other classes will be capped at 30 entries. Entrants will be accepted in the order in which they are received. A waiting list will be maintained until August 1.

* REFUND POLICY: Due to class caps, our generous refund policy has been revised. Refunds will be granted by request until August 1. After August 1, refund requests will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and generally refunds will NOT be given after that date.

* QUALIFYING: Starting order will be determined by timed qualifying (see Supplimental Rules)